Multiple years of industry experience

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Eric Robin Anderegg – Headhunter & CEO

Eric was introduced to the concept of Bitcoin in 2014 and has been a DLT enthusiast ever since. Prior to founding BLOCKSTAR he has worked as an IT / Digital Transformation Consultant for leading financial institutions within Switzerland and Germany. At his latest employer he led the company's Blockchain Community of Practice and conducted Blockchain ideation & strategy workshops with clients.

At BLOCKSTAR, Eric manages the entire recruitment process (shortlisting, interviews, evaluation and selection of candidates) and client relations.

Fun fact: In 2017, shortly before the "ICO bubble" burst, Eric co-founded an Ethereum-based project. The team got invited to pitch the concept to Joseph Lubin, Co-founder of Ethereum & Founder of ConsenSys. Unfortunately the project never took off :).


Sukanya Singh – Recruiting Operations

Sukanya is a graduate in International Business with a keen interest in Blockchain and other emerging technologies. She combines multiple years of hands-on experience in lead generation and recruiting via LinkedIn with a deep knowledge of the latest Recruitment trends, technologies and platforms. At BLOCKSTAR, Sukanya supports Eric during the shortlisting and candidate outreach process.

Fun fact: When she is not on the lookout for the next Blockstar Sukanya enjoys to spend her leisure time reading texts of talented philosophers and lyricists such as Seneca and Paulo Coehlo or cheering for gifted footballers – she is a fanatic FC Barcelona supporter :).